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Diversity of Eunicida bristle worms in African waters

In cooperation with MIWA (Marine Invertebrates of Western Africa)

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Invertebrate collection of the University Museum of Bergen holds unique and extensive materials on various marine invertebrates obtained during a number of expeditions of RV Dr Fridtjof Nansen along the West African coast. As a part of the research team, I work on the systematics and biodiversity of African polychaetes with the main focus on the families form the order Eunicida. The main goal of the project is to document the biodiversity of African marine invertebrates which appears to be greatly underestimated. Barcoding of selected species has proven to be a great tool in discovering cryptic biodiversity in marine fauna. This approach is widely used on African material in combination with traditional methods of taxonomy. Some of the materials such as representatives of onuphid genera Hyalinoecia and Nohria are included into my main research project on the phylogeny and evolution of Onuphidae. A master thesis (by M. Hektoen) on the diversity of Diopatra bristle worms and a bachelor project on African Aponuphis (by P. Borisova) are based on this collection.

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